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This site is dedicated to rescued ex-street dogs, but all of the information on here will be relevant to most rescue dogs, whether it be abandoned pets, shelter dogs, or animals from any other rescue situation. Please feel welcome to our site no matter the background of your dog.

We are a team of committed people who have made it their mission to support dog guardians with knowledge and resources to help them develop a great relationship with their rescued dogs and equip them to overcome any eventual problems. Rescue dog owners are a growing group of people all around the world who recognise not only the need to help, but also see the beauty, elegance and intelligence of these fascinating animals.

We aim to provide information around these topics:

  • Dog settling into new environment after arrival and in the first months
  • Keeping them and us safe all along
  • Manage any behavioural issues using positive, force free methods (we distance ourself completely from any coercive methods including choke chains, prong collars, half checks, regular use of slip leads, any equipment that tightens and causes pain, dragging dogs, pet corrector sprays, spraying dogs with water, bullying, physically harming or intimidating dogs in anyway).
  • Enrich their and our life and develop a strong bond with our companions

All over the world street dogs lead a harsh and short life. Abused, starved, hated or ignored they are left to their own devices and suffering. The problem of dog overpopulation, whether it be of dogs living in the streets or abandoned home pets or the thousands of shelter dogs, is a human problem and only we can solve it.
There are three steps we can take as individuals to bring about change and make all of the above a thing of the past:

  • Neuter our animals or, alternatively, manage them strictly so that no reproduction can take place.
  • Adopt don’t shop: adopt a street or abandoned dog and give them a new life. Look for a good fit, but don’t be selfish, choose rescue if you can.
  • Raise awareness: volunteer, foster, donate to rescues and educate friends and family about the importance of neutering and the impact of allowing the reproduction of pets in aggravating an already very severe issue that causes so much unnecessary suffering.

We’d also like to send a big shout out to the many dedicated individuals across the world involved in animal rescue who quietly get on with their vital work, often overwhelmed, working on a shoestring and at great expense to their physical and mental health.

Whether it’s rescue and rehabilitation, spaying & neutering, TNR, education, fundraising or all the above, we appreciate you and we acknowledge your contribution to making this world a kinder, more compassionate place.

Please know that you are making a difference and that you matter.

The Caring for Rescued Ex Street Dogs Team

Disclaimer: The creators of this website are a friendly and helpful group of people, totally independent, not aligned to any individual charity, organisation or commercial company. 


©️ Caring for Rescued ex Street Dogs

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