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Fireworks – You can help the pets in your neighbourhood to feel safe!

If you are thinking of buying fireworks this year, please share a thought for frightened pets living nearby. Every year many pets suffer extreme fear due to the noise of fireworks that can go on for weeks or even months. Symptoms can include shaking, pacing, crying, attempting to hide or run away, vomiting, being too... Continue Reading →

Non slip harness

Why use a non slip harness? Almost every day we hear of tragic cases where newly adopted dogs have slipped their collars or harnesses resulting in them being lost, injured and sometimes killed on the roads. Many frightened dogs can easily escape both a collar and a standard harness in seconds. People often report being... Continue Reading →

Safe Gardens and Fencing

If you have recently adopted a rescued dog or if you are fostering a dog, until you get to know the dog well, please expect the unexpected! Some dogs can and will… Jump a fence, even 6ft or more, from standing. Squeeze through tiny gaps in fencing. Dig and squeeze under a fence in seconds.... Continue Reading →

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