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Dog Walking Etiquette

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Dear dog walkers, if you see an on-lead dog while walking your dog, please give the other dog plenty of space.

However friendly your dog might be, the other dog is on a lead for a reason. She might be elderly, nervous, recovering from injury or surgery. She might be newly adopted, in training or just not interested in meeting other dogs close up.

Whatever the reason, please be respectful and give her space. If your dog is off lead, please recall your dog, and if necessary pop your dog back on lead for a few moments until you are a safe distance away.

Don’t try to force any interaction (human or canine) as without knowing the other dog’s history, you might set her back in her training, frighten her or even cause her physical harm.

Our public green spaces are there for everyone to use and enjoy, so please be respectful of other park users including those individuals who need space.

Please share this post with your dog loving friends and feel free to download and print this image for your park noticeboard. Thank you.

©️ Caring for Rescued ex Street Dogs

(Note: For our international friends, on lead = on leash).

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