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Non slip harness

Why use a non slip harness? Almost every day we hear of tragic cases where newly adopted dogs have slipped their collars or harnesses resulting in them being lost, injured and sometimes killed on the roads. Many frightened dogs can easily escape both a collar and a standard harness in seconds. People often report being... Continue Reading →

Safe Gardens and Fencing

If you have recently adopted a rescued dog or if you are fostering a dog, until you get to know the dog well, please expect the unexpected! Some dogs can and will… Jump a fence, even 6ft or more, from standing. Squeeze through tiny gaps in fencing. Dig and squeeze under a fence in seconds.... Continue Reading →

Canine Body Language

How many times have you seen a photo online of a terrified dog at a shelter, or straight off a transport van, being held tightly by a total stranger? The human, smiling, full of joy to meet their new canine companion….the dog is wide eyed, ears back, desperately turning her head away, panting with tongue... Continue Reading →

Take it slowly

        Your newly adopted dog has just arrived and off you go, racing ahead, thinking of all the wonderful things you’re going to do together... Long hikes, playing in the local park, fun dog shows, dog training classes, chilling at your local dog-friendly cafe, camping, visiting family, and even a play date... Continue Reading →

Claire, Aimee & Scout.

Last July we were on holiday in Crete when on the very first day my 19 year old daughter Aimee found a little and very young dog, (we still aren't sure of her age) curled up outside her bedroom in her hotel. She was severely injured and sheltering from the 37 degrees it was outside.... Continue Reading →

Naila’s story

It's been three years Naila is with us. We can read her every move and she ours. She takes us for walks and away from an otherwise much more sedentary life and brings us closer to nature. We were lucky I guess with her character, but also patient. Two years of patience, going through some... Continue Reading →

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