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Fireworks – You can help the pets in your neighbourhood to feel safe!

If you are thinking of buying fireworks this year, please share a thought for frightened pets living nearby. Every year many pets suffer extreme fear due to the noise of fireworks that can go on for weeks or even months.

Symptoms can include shaking, pacing, crying, attempting to hide or run away, vomiting, being too scared to eat or to go outsider in their garden or for walks.

Just one bang from a firework can terrify an animal for many hours. 

If fireworks go off for weeks it can be impossible for owners to manage their pets’ fear. Exposure to fireworks can cause life long debilitating noise phobias.

You can help the pets in your neighbourhood to feel safe!

Please consider quieter alternatives to fireworks like a fun themed party, sparklers or attend an organised fireworks display instead.

If you are going to set off fireworks at home please inform any neighbours who have pets and try to stick to November 5th (in the UK) if possible. Your neighbours will then be able to prepare to keep their pets safe at the right time.

We encourage you to print this leaflet and share it in your neighbourhood or with friends and family: Fireworks_WhatYouCanDoToHelp

Thank you!

The Caring for Rescued Ex Street Dog Team




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