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Your newly adopted dog has just arrived and off you go, racing ahead, thinking of all the wonderful things you’re going to do together…

Long hikes, playing in the local park, fun dog shows, dog training classes, chilling at your local dog-friendly cafe, camping, visiting family, and even a play date with the cute dog at number 12? All these things and more!

Just remember your dog has her own wants and needs. She has her own history. She hasn’t rolled off a production line, pre-packed to slot in to your world. She’s an individual, a sentient being with her own feelings and emotions.

No one’s saying you can’t enjoy all or some of the above, but she needs time to get to know and trust you first, and she needs choice.

If you can slow things down, and take time to get to know your dog and gain her trust, then great things can happen. But please, for your dog’s sake, slow down your expectations in those early days, then take a deep breath and slow yourself some more.

Be kind. Be patient. Give her choice whenever you can and look at things from your dog’s point of view.

Don’t rush things that need time to grow.

If you would like to join with other adopters of ex street dogs, in a friendly, independent group, please join our Facebook group: Caring for Rescued Ex Street Dogs

©️ Caring for Rescued ex Street Dogs


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