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Please keep your dogs safe when fireworks might be going off.
Every year many dogs are traumatised, lost, injured and killed.
Every year the fatalities are absolutely heartbreaking.
  • Keep nervous dogs on a long line and harness on walks to prevent them bolting.


  • Supervise your dog if they want to go into the garden, a fearful dog can be very determined to escape.


  • Keep external door and windows locked


  • Keep microchip details and ID tags up to date


Calming music for dogs, useful for firework night, thunderstorms, separation anxiety etc.


Thundershirts can help dogs when they are anxious about thunder, fireworks etc.
Some people also use a t-shirt if they don’t have access to a Thundershirt, but always supervise your dog and remove the t-shirt if your dog doesn’t seem happy.

Rescue Remedy Drops or Spray can also really help to calm a fearful animal.
Available from most chemists and many supermarkets:

Adaptil plug in


Sounds Scary Free Downloads from the Dog’s Trust


©️ Caring for Rescued ex Street Dogs



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